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1. What is NIIT Imperia?
NIIT Imperia is a strategic initiative by NIIT for making available professional & specialized higher education programs from premier / leading management institutions in the country to working professionals. NIIT Imperia allows working professionals to attend management programs at their home cities in after-office hours or during weekends to match their busy working schedules. Moreover, these programs are designed to match their academic and career aspirations and time constraints.

2. Locations in which NIIT Imperia Present today?
NIIT Imperia is currently present in 35 centres in 22 cities of India. You can find your nearest NIIT Imperia Centre at http://niitimperia.com/contact-us


3. What does NIIT Imperia Provide / what is NIIT Imperia's role in the alliance with the institutions?
NIIT Imperia offers certificate management programs for working professionals. These programs are designed to offer formal management education without forcing the working professionals to sacrifice their jobs for pursuing higher education. NIIT Imperia provides the design and implementation of the student's education experience and technology expertise. NIIT Imperia draws upon NIIT’s acknowledged expertise in the design and management of distributed education programs to provide the study-environment for students, the technology platform, and the allied education services & processes that make up the total teaching-learning experience.

4. What is the education delivery model / methodology? Is this similar to the traditional e-learning or correspondence course?
This is not like a traditional e-Learning or correspondence course. At the core of NIIT Imperia’s educational delivery methodology is state-of-the-art Synchronous Learning Technology.
Dedicated broadband, two-way audio-video is used to create remote classrooms that are linked LIVE to teachers in the institutions. The difference lies in the use of technology through the satellite broadband infrastructure to deliver real time, synchronous, live education to all participants. This interaction uses high quality video, audio and data to facilitate effective learning through the creation of a live virtual classroom. The professors teach from studios present at their respective campuses in top B-schools. The students need to visit NIIT Imperia centers present currently in 22 cities across the country at pre-fixed class timings.
The technology permits full features of face-to-face teaching: from a raised-hand-seeking-teacher’s-attention, to tabulation of responses to quizzes randomly created by the teacher. Having designed and used Synchronous Learning technology for many years, NIIT has built around this technology a unique learning methodology and student experience that includes the best features of conventional classroom education coupled with advanced e-learning and learning management techniques.

5. Can I get a demonstration on how the classes will be conducted before I apply?
Yes. Please visit any of the nearest NIIT Imperia centers to get more details about the technology through interaction with NIIT Imperia representatives or a demo class to have a first-hand experience of the technology.

6. Who provides the program content & books?
The program content & books is provided by NIIT Imperia's academic partners.

7. Who evaluates the programs?
The programs shall be evaluated progressively by the institutes i.e., if an IIM Calcutta program, IIM Calcutta shall evaluate the student progress in the program and conduct the end term evaluation. Similarly, IIM Ahmedabad follows only case-based pedagogy to evaluate students on the basis of their case analysis.

8. Who provides the certification for the programs?
In its endeavor to offer best-of-the-breed programs, NIIT Imperia has joined hands with premier educational institutions of India. These world renowned institutes are home to some of the finest faculty and boasts of an impressive alumni list which includes who's who of the corporate world. The program certification shall be from the academic partners of NIIT Imperia, which include prestigious Indian B-schools such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIFT Delhi, IMT Ghaziabad and MDI Gurgaon.
And also from industry partners like KPMG India, IAMAI & Google India. 




9. How are the classes conducted?
Classes take place at specially-designed NIIT Imperia Education Centres. Classrooms are configured to optimally utilize Synchronous Learning Technology for a “live” student experience that works just like an actual classroom but on a virtual platform. While direct one-to-one interaction is ensured through individual ICT-systems for each student (high-performance desktops, webcam, audio system and microphone at each workstation connected directly to faculty at institutes), classroom interactions & ambience are facilitated by clusters of student-stations, and camera & projection systems that span the full classroom to enable group discussions.



10. What additional facilities are offered by Imperia centres?
In addition to these specially-designed classrooms, Education Centres provide Lecture Rooms for presentations, Breakout Rooms for case-discussions and collaborative assignments, and – of course – a hangout area where refreshments are available.



11. What is special about the teaching methodology of Imperia Courses?
Students attend classes conducted by institute-faculty and delivered using the Synchronous Learning platform. The teaching-learning methodology emphasizes peer-to-peer collaboration among students – projects and case-discussions among students within a centre or across different centres are the typical methods used to create this collaboration. Individual assignments and presentations are other components of the methodology.



12. Why campus visits?
Apart from obvious academic benefits, this also enhances social interactions such as orientation, workshops, case discussions and paper presentations among NIIT Imperia students and other students at the Institute, and between students and faculty.



13. Who issues text books? What library facilities are provided?
All text-books and other study material required are supplied by NIIT Imperia or the Institute. However, the student is expected to refer to additional reference material and the Internet. In addition to facilities available at the Education Centre, NIIT Imperia has tie-ups with physical and digital libraries at each location.



14. How and where are the exams conducted?
All programs include classroom quizzes conducted by the faculty over the Synchronous Learning platform at NIIT Imperia centers only. These and classroom-questions are typically not used for transcription, and meant only as feedback.
Every program consists of one or more courses, which are specific subject-topics within the program. Usually, every course has a number of formal examinations associated with it, whose outcome is a part of the student’s transcript. These tests are conducted online through the LMS, or at the centre or the campus (during campus visit), or at independent testing centres. Performance in assignments, case-studies, projects, presentations and classroom-participation are other possible instruments of evaluation.



15. What are the class schedules & timings?
Programs for working professionals are conducted in the evenings after 6 PM on weekdays, or throughout the day on weekends. Most programs have 3-hour classroom sessions, usually twice a week. In addition to formal classroom contact, students may be required to participate in collaborative projects at the Education Centres (usually not exceeding 3 hours per week), and undertake self-study, assignments and reference work of about 12 hours per week. Formal contact is not scheduled on national holidays, and specified short-duration vacations. To expedite program completion for working professionals, students are expected to work on some local holidays. The students are required to maintain a minimum attendance of 80% for every course.



16. What is a Student Kit?
Students receive a Welcome Kit when classes commence. The Welcome Kit includes ID Card (mandatory for access to centre facilities), a kit bag, and text books and study material.



17. How much is tuition fee, what does it cover and how much does the program cost?
The Combined Application process including PAT has a fee of Rs. 1000/- for students applying for one program. Longer-duration programs usually have a deferred payment facility, where the student can pay in up to 4 installments. Acceptable payment modes include cash, local cheques, and credit or debit cards, EFT, each with their specific conditions.



18. Is there a provision for a Bank Loan?
NIIT Imperia facilitates, but does not guarantee, loans from banks towards fees and other payments. NIIT Imperia has identified banks who have expressed their readiness to finance students selected for these programs, and has attempted to influence the eligibility and repayment conditions in the students’ best interests. However, it is the student’s responsibility to understand these conditions, and ensure they are met within stipulated deadlines of the academic calendar.



19. What if a class is missed due to an unavoidable travel schedule? Can the student view classes missed? / Can the student registered at one NIIT Imperia centre attend classes at a different location?
All features of NIIT Imperia have been designed with the working professional in mind. The Classroom Session replay-on-request facility allows the student to go through the audio-video recording of an earlier session, complete with all classroom discussions, feedback quizzes, etc. The Transiting Student facility allows a student to attend classes at any other city where an NIIT Imperia centre is located. Both these facilities require advance intimation, and are free of charge for all of the scheduled sessions in a program.


20. Web Site Student Zone?
Students receive access to a special Student Zone on the NIIT Imperia website. This provides options for all queries and clarifications in addition to relevant educational material.


21. What are the student rules & discipline guidelines?
Naturally, students are expected to meet high standards of academic and professional discipline, as stipulated by NIIT Imperia and the partner-institute. NIIT’s Imperia’s Student Rules are available as a separate document.


22. Is there industry recognition for such particular programs?
NIIT Imperia certificate courses are ultimately designed for working professionals who seek formal management education in a much more structured and systematic way rather than a mere hit-and-trial learning method during their jobs. Eventually, prospective employers in the industry are interested in the performance of the hired workforce due to the meritocracy-driven nature of the market. Therefore, the academic reputation of an institute or platform of education is determined through the quality of the graduated students from NIIT Imperia platform and their respective post-course accomplishments on the job.



23. Is there a student’s directory & alumni network?
Students will typically be granted Alumnus status by the Institute offering the program. Students will also feature in the worldwide Student Directory published by NIIT Imperia, and become a part of NIIT Imperia’s alumni network.



24. What are the benefits to corporates nominating students?
NIIT Imperia welcomes corporate sponsorship of candidates to publicly-announce programs and special customised programs for large organizations. All eligibility and selection criteria as applicable to candidates-at-large will apply to sponsored corporate candidates. Sponsoring organizations will receive special reports on student participation and progress. Depending on the numbers involved, it may be possible to set-up dedicated Education Centres inside corporate premises. In case you would like to discuss this further, please contact us through http://niitimperia.com/information-request-form



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