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About NIIT

About NIIT

What started in 1981 as an IT Training institute with the mission of “Bringing computers and people together, successfully”, is today an organization that drives IT education throughout the world. An Indian multinational with a presence in 32 countries, NIIT’s learning solutions today benefit individuals, power enterprises and facilitate institutions in Information Technology, and beyond.
Recognised today for its pioneering leadership of distributed non-formal education, NIIT teaches over 500,000 students in 10 languages through a network of 3000 outlets worldwide, and has an alumni strength of 2 million students in 25 years of operation. With many accolades and awards to its credit, NIIT is the only Asian company to feature in International Data Corporation’s list of Top 20 Global IT Training Providers. NIIT is proud of the recognition it has received for its contribution to India’s pre-eminence in Information Technology, having trained a significant proportion of the country’s IT workforce.
Since the beginning, NIIT has emphasized the use of technology for education. Not only are all its education programs technology-intensive, but NIIT also provides technology-based learning solutions to the leading corporations of the world. With a strong team working exclusively on technology-enabled education, NIIT has many pioneering innovations to its credit. Its proprietary Learning Management System, CLiKS, is used by several institutions and companies, and its Netvarsity established in 1996 was the first e-learning portal of its kind.
NIIT’s reach is not only across the world, but across age-groups and categories as well. It teaches over 1.25 million school students, several thousand corporate executives, and has partnerships with 69 Universities worldwide–to whom it is both a provider of technology and content, and a partner in the formal education space.
NIIT has a string of innovations to its name. Together with its sister company NIIT Technologies Ltd, it pioneered the teaching-hospital model of IT education. It set up Automated Learning Centres for working executives in 1993, and introduced Synchronous Learning to its global clients in 2001. It is this culture of innovation that now leads to NIIT Imperia – Centre for Advanced Learning, a worthy culmination of NIIT’s expertise in technology-enabled distributed education, and its partnership with the leading institutions of the world.
NIIT Technologies Ltd, is a global IT solutions organization, with a footprint that spans North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. We have been enabling corporations across the world to achieve their business goals using IT as the tool, for over two decades.


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