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Teaching Methdology

Teaching Methdology

Education Centres-Executive Training

Classes take place at specially-designed NIIT Imperia Education Centres. Classrooms are configured to optimally utilize Synchronous Learning technology for a "live" student experience. While direct one-to-one interaction is ensured through individual ICT-systems for each student (high-performance desktops, webcam, audio system and microphone at each workstation connected directly to faculty at institutes), classroom interactions & ambience are facilitated by clusters of student-stations, and camera & projection systems that span the full classroom. 
In addition to these specially-designed classrooms, Education Centres provide Lecture Rooms for presentations, Breakout Rooms for case-discussions and collaborative assignments, library & reading room equipped with Internet kiosks, and – of course – a hangout area where refreshments are available. Access to most centre-facilities is controlled through the Intelligent ID Card (Smartcard-based), that students receive.
NIIT Imperia Education Centers are located in Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Nagpur,Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Patna,  Bhopal, Nasik,Mysore, Lucknow and Pune.


Students attend classes conducted by institute-faculty and delivered using the Synchronous Learning platform.  The teaching-learning methodology emphasises peer-to-peer collaboration among students – projects and case-discussions among students within a centre or across centres are the typical instruments of collaboration. Individual assignments and presentations are part of the methodology. 

Campus Visits

Almost every Executive Management  Program includes one or more Campus Visits to the institute offering the program. Such visits enhance interactions between NIIT Imperia students, faculty and other students at the Institute. Teaching faculty from institutes also make periodic visits to education centres for intensive discussions and clarifications. 
Study Material and Library Usage
All text-books and study material are supplied by NIIT Imperia or the Institute. The student is also expected to refer to additional reference material and the Internet. NIIT Imperia has tie-ups with physical and digital libraries at each location.
Learning Management System
The teaching-learning methodology is comprehensively supported by NIIT's Learning Management System (LMS). This online web-based system includes supplementary e-learning, program-specific notices, online submission of assignments, reminder services, online testing and student records. Attendance is auto-recorded through biometric fingerprint-based systems in each classroom.
Assessments and Examinations
Typically, every Executive Management Program has formal examinations associated with it, whose scores are a part of the student's transcript. For the 1-year programs, these are usually at mid-term and program-end. These tests are conducted online through the LMS, or occasionally at physical locations. Performance in assignments, case-studies, projects, presentations and classroom-participation are other instruments of evaluation. All programs include classroom quizzes conducted by the faculty over the Synchronous Learning platform.
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